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Production Process

Production Process

Brief description of technological process
of BROVAR non-filtered non-pasteuriezed beer production

    Complete microbrewery is produced and mounted by DESTILA (Brno, Czech Republic) The production includes the brewhouse, the fermentation plant, technological preparation workshop, raw materials warehouse with maltcrusher, kegs washing shop and bottling shop.

1. Water and raw materials.

     For BROVAR beer production, strictly foolowing the German law of purity of brewing of 1516, we use only:

  • Water from our own 175 meters deep artesian well, which by its chemical composition is a unique natural phenomenon itself, while it is extracted within "lembolovski rift" of granite formation, has healing properties and by its chemical composition is ideal for brewing.
  • High-quality barley and wheat malt from the Czech Republic and Germany of 6 types from "light" to "burnt".
  • Fine-flavored Czech hops "Žateckij červenâk".
  • Live yeast culture - from the yeast banks collection.

2. Malt crushing.

     Required quantity of malt in accordance with the recipe (about 100 kg per the boil) is fed into a hopper of the two-roller crusher from the bags. The quality of malt crushing is assessed visually.


     The brewing equipment can be used for infusion (German) and double-boilinng (Czech) ways of mashing (brewing). Mashing regime is different for each type of beer and is selected in such a way as to emphasize the varietal characteristics.

4. Sugared mash filtering.

     Sugared mash is transferred into the prepared filter-container for filtering. Collection of first wort and spent grains washing is carried out in a semiautomatic mode with supplying into mash-brew boiler, and the spent grains are discharged manually into the collecting container.

5. Boiling the wort with hops.

     Boiling a full set of the wort is carried out in the mash-brew boiler. The wort is boiled for 70-90 minutes, granulated hops are set according to the brewed beer type.

6. Fermentation, maturation and aging of beer.

     Clarified and chilled wort is put into v-tanks, the entire cycle of fermentation and maturation is from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the type of beer.

7. Beer bottling.

     The finished beer is pumped into the 30-litres kegs (G fitting).

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Production Process
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